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The problems we screen for:

Our screening tools:

Essential forms:

  • Screening data sheet
  • Pass or refer
  • Note to file

    The "note to file" template is for recording mistakes and problems. Ordinary paper can serve if the template is not available, but do record all mistakes and problems, no matter how trivial they seem. We expect everybody to make mistakes and encounter difficulties—we are human beings dealing in a human world—but we must know about them, so that we can fix what is fixable and deal with the others properly when analyzing data.

Red tape:

SickKids requires you to read and sign this form and return it to your local coordinator, and to read this page as well. Both of those documents refer to a "note to file" template. If you need one, you will find it here and above under "essential forms."

Although it is not required, we encourage you to complete this training module teaching good clinical practice. If you do, we shall pay you—volunteers as well as paid screeners—for four hours' work.

  1. Set the page to "Canada" (top left corner).
  2. Click "Register" (top right corner).
  3. Search for "McMaster University" then continue through steps 2 to 6.
  4. In step 6 enter your normal e-mail address, choose Psychology as the department, and enter your role in research as "Lab Research Staff."
  5. In step 7 choose "Good Clinical Practice (GCP)—Canada" as the course you wish to take and then, on the next screen, select "...Research Personnel."
  6. After your registration is accepted, you will find the course by clicking on the triangle by "McMaster University Courses."
  7. After you finish the course, send the certificate of completion to Sally Stafford .

Additional red tape for paid screeners:

McMaster University requires us to send you a formal offer of employment, which you must formally accept, and it then requires you to fill in these forms:

To minimize the amount of tax withheld, you may also want to fill in these forms:

Send the completed forms either physically or electronically to:
Sally Stafford
Department of Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour
McMaster University
Hamilton, ON L8S 4K1
fax: 905 529 6225

Overview     Parents     Locations    Screeners     Optometrists     Coordinators

Central coordinator: Sally Stafford
Telephones: (1) 844 834 0936 (toll-free)
(1) 647 478 9834 (Toronto)